tonight has been so crappy i did not expect to find myself crying over someone that i like isn’t that great

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700 followers omg you guys are great :D

The good girls haven’t been caught yet. +

i never worry about staying up late the night before but in the morning i fucking hate myself

i think with 639 people following me that i can say something and at least one person will listen. hopefully. so i watched the video titled “5sos security tells fans not to buy their music” and i am actually a bit annoyed at everything. especially the drama on twitter from earlier. now, i get how disappointing it can be to be that close to them and not get to meet them, though it’s never happened to me, i can understand. but, the comments are what really ticked me off. seeing the 1d stans saying that 5sos are rude. it’s totally untrue, because one day they didn’t go out and meet fans because of security, they aren’t rude. they deserve days off where they don’t have to meet people. they are human beings, and i know that’s far fetched and everyone always says that—but it’s true. think about it, when you’re having a bad day, or something along those lines, you want to be left alone. or there are just those days where you prefer being alone. i don’t think anyone can fully understand it until they’re in their position, but i think everyone needs to lay off and realize that things like this happen and you shouldn’t be mad at them when it was security that was being absolutely rude. i’m sure they would’ve come out and met everyone if they had the opportunity. if you let a few little incidents where they don’t meet fans ruin everything, god, i hope you take a good look at how many times they’ve met people and been absolutely sweet. bad days happen to human beings. sometimes things don’t work out just as you planned, and even if you do not like them, you have no right to give anyone grief for liking them. on another note, you should not be allowed to send someone illegitimate hate because you do not like them, it is not fair, and they’ve done nothing to you at all. they are doing what they love and performing for people who love them, and that in no way should make you an inconsiderate asshole.